The community built among students in group prenatal classes is essential as mothers journey towards birth and all that lies beyond. Private classes offer additional attention to maximize the benefits of group classes. And for mothers that cannot get to a group class due to schedule constraints or prescribed bed-rest for instance, private yoga classes allow them a tailored practice that will meet their unique needs.

Whether you are able to take group prenatal (or postpartum!) classes or not, private lessons with Jeanna Lurie offer a myriad of benefits:

  • One-on-one attention from an instructor with over a decade of experience teaching prenatal yoga, attending births as a doula, participating in the local birthing community, and supporting expectant parents as Program Manager of Blossom Birth
  • Improvement in your asana (posture practice) to make sure you are practicing safely and to your fullest potential
  • A sequence designed specifically for you based on your experience level, current physical abilities, discomforts of pregnancy, and any special situation (e.g. twin pregnancy, high-risk status, healing diastasis recti in the postpartum, etc.) you may have
  • Personal consultation regarding your maternity care, birthing options, and how to prepare physically, emotionally, and logistically for your best birth
  • Practicing in the safety and comfort of your home at a time convenient for you
  • Partners welcome at no additional charge

Our first session of 90 minutes includes a consultation addressing your needs and expectations and a short practice. Additional sessions may be scheduled as single appointments, or purchase four sessions in advance at a discounted rate.


Introductory Consultation $149
Single Follow-up Session $119
Package of four Follow-up Sessions $399


To schedule an appointment, please contact Jeanna directly at 408-390-1894 or email