“Good for my soul.”

Attending Jeanna’s pre-natal yoga classes when I was pregnant with my first wasn’t just great for my body, it was good for my soul. By encouraging awareness, mindfulness, meditation and candid conversation, Jeanna’s classes helped me prepare both physically and mentally for the challenges of labor. They empowered me to know my birthing options, they helped ensure baby was head down and well positioned, and taught me focused, controlled breathing techniques that were invaluable. Jeanna also encourages her classes to discuss topics new mothers may not have considered, or may have been too shy to ask about, and which most OBs don’t bother bringing up. She listens, she’s attentive, she’s empathic, and a true font of knowledge. Her classes were a real oasis in my week. I cannot recommend them more highly.

— S.B., Mountain View

“I was so happy to be part of her yoga class.”

Jeanna is not only a fantastic yoga teacher with great poses to help with mom's discomfort but she is full of wisdom regarding pregnancy. As a first mom I was full of concerns and questions. Her suggestions and talks during classes helped me to find the answers I was looking.

When I got pregnant with my second baby I returned to Jeanna's class. I was so happy to be part of her yoga class again. One of things that helped me the most was practicing some of the mindfulness Jeanna always talks about. It helped me to receive my second baby with one smile on every contraction. I really believe that if I hadn't met her, my choices regarding labor/delivery wouldn't have been the best for me and my babies. Thank you Jeanna.

— V.A., Sunnyvale

Photo by Paige Driscoll, Santa Cruz Birth Photography & Doula Services

Photo by Paige Driscoll, Santa Cruz Birth Photography & Doula Services

“Just what I needed to settle my nerves.”

It was so helpful to be able to call Jeanna in early labor.  As a first-time mom, I had no idea what to expect or how fast labor would ramp up after it started with my water breaking. Jeanna answered all my questions, gave me an idea of what to expect and when to call the midwife, and then gave me some space to labor. It was just what I needed to settle my nerves.

— B.G., Santa Clara

Huge wealth of support and knowledge.”

Jeanna has been my prenatal yoga teacher, my doula, and my mom & baby yoga teacher. She has been a huge wealth of support and knowledge from pregnancy through motherhood. I couldn't imagine going through this life changing journey without her, and I will continue to seek her advice and encouragement in future pregnancies and labors.

— M.R., San Jose

Felt like part of a positive community.”

I moved to the Bay Area pregnant, with no prenatal team and few contacts. Jeanna was instrumental in not only helping to keep me calm and limber, but reducing my fears of birth and helping me to find my midwifery team. I took her classes from the prenatal through the mommy and me stage, and they were all fantastic. I really felt like a part of a positive community with Jeanna as the leader.  

— M.M., Mountain View

“Heaven sent in relieving the discomforts of pregnancy!”

I first met Jeanna when I started attending her Mums and Bubs yoga class. It was such a fantastic environment to get my body moving again but it was so much more. Jeanna created a wonderful mother's group in which we could share our challenges and frustrations in an understanding space... and sometime we got to do yoga too!

Now I'm pregnant with my second child, I'm attending Jeanna's prenatal yoga classes. They have been heaven sent in terms of relieving the discomfort that so often goes with pregnancy! One of my favorite elements though is the wisdom and experience Jeanna shares about pregnancy, labor and the birth. From simple movements and breathing to relieve pain to our worries and hopes too, I find I always take away a nugget of information that helps me feel more prepared.

— B.W., Santa Clara

“Exactly what you need when pregnant.”

I went to Jeanna's yoga classes when I was pregnant with my twins. I absolutely recommend her for childbirth preparation, breathing exercises, but also to remain healthy and in good shape during pregnancy, especially when pains start to show. Her class is half way between exercise and relaxation: exactly what you need when pregnant. I'd like to mention that my yoga level is not very high, but Jeanna's classes are absolutely adapted to everyone, whether you're a pro or not (like me). Jeanna is always willing to share great advice, contacts and tips. She is an expert you can absolutely rely on and she will give you precious information about many, many subjects. Not to mention Jeanna is also really kind, thoughtful, and carefully listens to mamas. Jeanna's classes are also a great place for mamas to share experience and learn from the others. Every week, I was looking forward to attending her class and would always go back home in good shape and relaxed. My only regret is that I didn't start her yoga classes earlier in my pregnancy...

— A.V., Sunnyvale