Most yoga practitioners are familiar with the concept of “listening to your body.” However, the Pelvic Floor does not always get attention the way the rest of the body does. In this 2-hour trauma-informed workshop, Jeanna Lurie will teach you the basics about your pelvic floor.  The first half will include lecture and discussion and the second half will introduce some basic ways of working in yoga postures for optimal pelvic floor health and core stability. Topics covered include:

  • Basic anatomy of “the Core”

  • Demystifying cultural myths about the Pelvic Floor

  • What is a healthy Pelvic Floor? Health issues that may be rooted in core instability

  • Over-toned (hypertonic) vs. under-toned (hypotonic) vs. combo: classifying your Pelvic Floor for your optimal yoga practice

  • What is Mula Bandha? Is it relevant to modern yoga practice?

  • Ways of practicing the poses you already know for optimal Pelvic Floor health and core stability

If you experience incontinence when sneezing or coughing, frequent urge to urinate, discomfort during intercourse, or you are simply interested in learning how to prevent these issues as you age, this workshop is for you! Sorry guys, this workshop is just for the ladies.

Current Schedule:

Coming Fall 2019