Childbirth Classes

No person should give birth without having taken a childbirth class. Even when I had my third, and had witnessed quite a few births as a doula, as well as had taught hundreds of birthing couples myself, I found it helpful to take a class with my partner. It allowed us to reflect on what worked for us in our previous births and what didn’t, brought us closer as a couple, and helped us to focus on the new baby. There is no “one size fits all”- we all have different priorities regarding the birth experience, different knowledge bases, and different ways of learning. That said, I do recommend taking a class that is independent of your birthing facility or practitioner. Independent classes tend to be more intimate, more in depth, and you will receive a view of the birth experience that will allow you to clarify what is important to you, rather than just blindly following your doctor’s, midwife’s, or nurse’s advice or standard hospital protocol.

The following classes are offered by instructors that I know personally and feel confident in their programs.

If you are hoping to avoid an epidural and other hospital interventions:

Lori Ismail, Early Advantage Birth

Birthing Naturally: Partner Supported Childbirth Classes

Tracie Lynch, A Simple Journey Birth

Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method



More options coming soon….