Shout out to World Breastfeeding (doesn't matter to me anymore) Week!

It’s World Breastfeeding Week!  Which means my FB feed is filled with nursing photos, opinions, and memes.  Here is my favorite: “I can’t believe it’s 2018 and we’re still discussing breast vs formula like it matters at the end of the day. Just feed your kid and get on with your day. They all grow up to eat Haribo and McDonald’s anyway. Yes, even your kid, kale-blending Cynthia in the pilates pants.” (Shout out to Casey Wilke for sharing that one.)  

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Book Review: Expecting Better

I could not agree more with Oster’s philosophy on pregnancy decision making: “This book is very specifically not about making recommendations; it’s about acknowledging that if you have the right information you can make the right decision for yourself.” That is exactly what I strive for with my students- there is no one right way to manage a pregnancy, no one right way to give birth, and no one right way to parent.

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Space: The Final Frontier

Being a mom comes with many challenges, of course, and many are difficult to understand until you actually find yourself in that situation: the toll a chronic lack of sleep takes on your body, how hard breastfeeding can be, how invested you could possibly become in another person’s well being, choosing where to live based on schools...The list goes on. One thing that is topping my own list lately (okay, for the last 17 years, really) is space! When I hear “Space: the Final Frontier,” I think of empty-nesting, not Star Trek!

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