New year, new beginnings!

Happy New Year!  2017 is off to an exciting start for me!  So far, I have witnessed a close friend welcome the birth of her second daughter, Lotus Blossom Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is underway, my new website is finally live and next week I add a vinyasa flow class to my weekly schedule!


If you came to class on Thursday, January 12, you found that Miriam had stepped in to teach for me (Thanks, Miriam!) while I was with my dear friend Belinda, waiting to welcome her second daughter.  Their family welcomed Oswyn Mathilda in the very wee hours of January 13.  Such a joy to be with them during this very exciting moment. It was a quick labor and a successful VBAC!  Here are my two younger kids with her girls.  

Also on January 13, the second annual Lotus Blossom Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training started. (What a busy day filled with new beginnings!) Training new teachers is a lot of fun and I am really enjoying the time spent getting to know our new trainees! I think I learn as much from them as they do from my co-lead trainer, Hillary Easom and me. You may meet some of our trainees as they observe my classes.  They are each required to teach four practice classes- so be on the lookout for free classes as they near the end of the program in March. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of my lovely students who contributed pictures and testimonials to this new website! It's not easy for me to ask for that kind of help and I decided to step out of my comfort zone and ask anyway.  I'm so glad I did- the outpouring of kind words and willingness to pose for pictures absolutely floored me!  I am so touched by all of you and so deeply appreciative!  If you posed and don't see your picture up here, know that every single one I took was extremely helpful- I was able to figure out what worked as far as space, composition, and lighting. (And I may use it in the future!) I have been working on this project for a couple months now- it was actually pretty easy with Squarespace, but the holidays and Blossom's move demanded my attention, so I had to set it aside for a bit. I am so glad it is finally live!  My old website was nice, but so 2005, lol.  I'm glad we're finally mobile-friendly and fresh for 2017. I hope to keep it fresh with new pictures and (gulp) regularly posting to this blog.

Last, but certainly not least, I've got a new weekly class on the schedule for 2017!  Vinyasa flow for all (adult) members of the family.  I hope when you are ready to graduate from Mom & Toddler Yoga, you will join me on Mondays at 9:00 at Blossom! The first class this Monday, January 30 will be free- please let your friends and family know they are welcome to join me to try it out!  This is a class open to all where we will discover our edge together in a safe environment set to some upbeat music. Can't wait! The Blossom website has more details about our entire Community Yoga Program.  And as an added bonus, we are working to secure a childcare program so that you may come enjoy class while your little ones play in the room next door. If lack of childcare is holding you back from your practice, let me know- your input is valuable as we get the childcare program off the ground. 

2017 is off to a fantastic start!  I'm looking forward to a fun, prosperous year with all of my beautiful students!  

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