Jeanna Lurie offers pre and postnatal yoga, Pelvic Floor Yoga, and functional flow to improve body awareness and comfort in pregnancy, postpartum, and life in general. Jeanna brings over 15 years experience teaching yoga, as well as training and experience as a doula, birth educator, and former Program Manager of Blossom Birth to her practice teaching group yoga classes (in Sunnyvale and Palo Alto) and private sessions (throughout Silicon Valley). In addition, Jeanna is the co-founder of Lotus Blossom Pre & Postnatal Yoga, training and mentoring new yoga teachers.


Client Reviews

Jeanna is a wealth of knowledge in all things pre and postnatal. I met her when I was taking prenatal yoga at Blossom and was so inspired by her teaching that I went on to take her intro yoga training and asked her to mentor me so that I, too, could teach. She’s my go-to person for prenatal questions and also a good friend and beautiful person. The community that she has helped to make is something special and I’m happy to be part of it.
— CW, Menlo Park